Civil Partnership Cards |

What is a civil partnership card?

A civil partnership card is gifted to a couple in celebration of their civil partnership. A civil partnership is a way to formalise a relationship in the eyes of the law. It has the benefits of having similar legal protections to marriage but offers an alternative way to celebrate and legally recognise a union. A civil partnership does not have to include a ceremony (although you can have one if you wish). It also offers an option for those where marriage may not be the right fit for a variety of reasons.

Some couples who have a civil partnership may simply prefer it as a ‘no fuss’ option. Others may oppose the use of vows, terminology like ‘Husband & wife’, religious or patriarchal connotations or other aspects of a traditional wedding / marriage. Every couple is different and will have their own reasons for having a civil partnership.

Civil partnerships have recently become available as an option for mixed sex couples as well as same sex couples (the law has changed to accommodate this in the UK). This has opened civil partnerships up as an option for a wider amount of people, thanks to the hard work of all those who campaigned for Equal Civil Partnerships (particularly Rebecca Steinfeld and Charles Keidan) and those who supported the campaign.
As is stated on the Equal Civil Partnerships campaign facebook page (, Civil Partnerships are a ‘separate but equal legal relationship’ to marriage.

Are civil partnerships called anything else?

Some other terms that are sometimes used for civil partnerships: Civil ceremony, civil union, civil celebration. Although, non religious weddings are also sometimes referred to as a civil marriage ceremony or civil wedding.

Who designs the cards?

We do (Jon and Christina). We have been freelance designers for 10+ years. All of our cards are designed and printed in the UK.

What materials are the cards made from?

Most of our cards are printed on high quality, 300gsm textured card. The two different types of card that we use are Fresco Gesso or Tintoretto Gesso.

The only cards that are not printed on textured card are our foiled cards. Our foiled cards are printed on 350gsm uncoated card.

How do you protect the cards during transit?

Our cards are sealed within a compostable protective sleeve and are posted in a hardbacked ‘Please do not bend’ envelope to offer extra protection during transit. The cards should arrive in perfect condition but if you have any issues, please let us know.

What postal service do you use?

We send all of our cards via Royal Mail 1st Class postage. This can take between 1 and 3 days for delivery although please allow longer at busier times such as Christmas. We aim to dispatch all cards on the same day that we receive the order if possible.

How do you take payments on your website?

We use Paypal to process payments. No payment details are stored on our servers.

Do you sell to wholesale?

Wholesale enquiries are welcome. Please use the contact form on our website to get in touch.